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Oval Glass Reed Diffuser Set

Transform your surroundings into an oasis of delight with our Oval Reed Diffusers Set, available in four enchanting fragrances, Bergamot & Oud, Fig & Apple, Pomegranate & Cassis or Sakura Blossom.

Infuse your space with the refreshing allure of our scents. Each reed diffuser in this set is a fragrant masterpiece, designed to elevate your home or office with captivating scents.

Our diffusers are housed in sleek, oval glass containers in a coordinating colour bottles. The Bergamot & Oud comes in a Smokey grey bottle and the Fig & Apple comes in a green Bottle, Sakura blossom purple bottle and Pomegranate & Cassis a red bottle. The reeds gently disperse the fragrances, creating a subtle, long-lasting ambiance that welcomes you every time you walk in.

Indulge in relaxation as these diffusers work their magic, creating a soothing environment that is perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Experience the magic of aromatherapy with our Oval Reed Diffusers Set. A delightful gift for yourself or a loved one!

Oval Glass Reed Diffuser Set

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